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>> , the stolen picasso drawing has been wrapped up according to the census is the place you're looking at a quarter million dollars worth of rare art work that is being gently pack away along with the shoes, clothing, and a pair of sunglasses. all to be used as evidence against this man that you see 31 year-old mark lugo they say his three days' journey began back on monday july 4th. he took a plane from where he lives in new jersey and landed year
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incenses up. from there he checked into the palimar hotel which is a few blocks away from the art gallery where the very next day just before noon, he allegedly stole the picasso drawing and that escaped--and escaped by way of cab. this is now before his image was it recorded on the surveillance video that turned out to be key in tracking him down the day after the picasso drawing was stolen. >> the surveillance video helped us to identify the individual. the cab driver also helped us to locate where he was staying. >> investigators at the hall of justice say that information that they gathered around the course of the investigation led into a home in napa valley said it was there where they found mr. lugo staying with friends, he was staying in to--taken into custody and his friends were left behind it does not appear that they had anything to do with the art theft, in fact
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the investigators say at this time it appears that lugo acted alone. >> oflugo faces several charges including burglary, grand theft, possession of stolen property, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a narcotic control substance and his bail has been set at $5 million. maureen kelly continues our team coverage of the picasso's death-- picasso theft with reaction from the gallery owner. >> the owner says he was overcome with emotion after seeing the valuable artwork not safe in the police custody. >> i brought to tears when i got to the central station it was amazing for me to actually see her again. i guess it was is really an amazing sense of relief that the peace had not been destroyed. there was safe, and it was going to be coming back. it >> you will hear more from the gallery owner in a live interview coming up at 5:45
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p.m.. >> now to the latest in the search for the seven missing bay area man whose boat capsized at sea. it has been more than 110 hours since the boat sank in mexico's sea of cortez. local officials in northern california have to convince the mexican navy to extend the search beyond the standard 96 hours and the search area has been expanded. it is now heading further south, and it is now heading further east. the tide in the debris are carrying things towards those directions. our cameras were allowed inside, there you can see the c-130 hercules during the search on thursday for the seven missing bay area man. this c-130 is the primary long- range search and rescue aircraft. the crew members search for over five hours but were not able to spot the american tourists. we had alihandra a board and
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they discussed what they did fine. >> we found a life raft with a line attached to it. we circled back to become back and find it. [inaudable] >> we tried to identify it the best we can, we circle on a few times and it appeared to be a raft the we cannot be 100 percent sure. the nearest ship that we had was the mexican navy and had them checked it out. [inaudable] >> we could be pretty sure the we are never sure 500 ft. above the water exactly what we're looking at we figured what it was, and it turned out that is with the navy verified what it was. >> we continue with kron4 jeff pierce.
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>> i have flown with you all a lot. >> it is near dawn, the lieutenant brings the crew about searching for the fishing vessel that sank in the sea of cortez in baja mexico. >> i will be tried to see what we can pick up and the water and hopefully we can find the seven missing people. >> it is that kind of hold the crew of this rescue c- 130 have as little tree the tedious process of searching miles of open ocean for any of those tossed into the sea. [inaudable] >> that splash rekindled
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optimism of life for this search. >> each deciding is carefully marked, logged and then passed on to other search vessels. [inaudable] >> the turnaround for a closer look, seven coast guard men looking for seven missing fishermen. >> we have a new details on the most recent bart shooting the police have released the name of the man killed by a bart police, 45 year-old charles hill was shot after the police say he attacked and cut an officer. he was armed with a knife and a broken bottle. the police were called to the civic center bart station in san francisco. reports say that he was drunk and disorderly. the
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circumstances for the officer discharging his weapon is still not clear. >> new at 5:15 p.m. casey anthony is sentenced. we have information on the young mothers punishment and reaction from the jurors. at 5:26 p.m. a deadly collapse a sports stadium we still the dramatic images from the scene. at 5:31 p.m. a major back up to the bay area morning commute. we look at how one rec created havoc for thousands of drivers. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family.
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at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. >> more news around the bay, in napa responding to a tip that the shares office discovered two bodies and 3000 marijuana plants and a rule area of the names of the deceased have not been released. napa police believe that the murders may have been connected to a larger mexican drug trade. the owners of the property were reportedly unaware of the illegal activity taking place on their land. in pittsburg police are investigating a shooting that took place in a park.
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about 8:30 p.m. last night in and walking on the regional trail found another man suffering from gunshot wounds. the victim was rushed to the hospital where he is listed in critical condition. no arrests have been made in right now police are not releasing any additional information. in oakland, the mayor and the police chief are trying to strengthen the community bonds. they're going door-to-door passing out fliers and encouraging residents to hold lot parties. this is all part of the national night out this event is a way for neighbors to meet each other and ultimately reduce crime. the block parties will be held on august 2nd. in lafayette, water is flowing again for city residents. late last night service was disrupted when a water main broke 108 people were without water until this morning when the crews were able to reroute the pipes. officials do not know caused the line to rupture. >> continued cool out there today to the jews in the inland valleys reaching into the '90s but much cooler around the bayshore. the fog
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will return overnight will have a full forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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>> and nationals as early as 12:01 p.m. next wednesday casey anthony could be freed from prison. two days ago she was acquitted from killing her toddler daughter but convicted of lying to the police. the judge trieand tried to throw the book at her for those offenses but it turned out to be very small book. >> i was an issue to one year in orange county jail in imposing a $1,000 fine, on each count. >> the judge handed down the maximum sentence for an offense they're rarely results in a serious punishment. >> most people convicted of misdemeanors and not a prison time in florida or anywhere else. >> anthony has already spent nearly three years behind bars and with good behavior even the toughest sentence worked out to a matter of days and not years. and the crowd
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outside the court room was furious. >> we are out here to say cayley, we remember you, we will stand up for you even when the jury failed you. >> but members of the jury say it was the prosecution who failed. the juror number two tells the st. petersburg times i wish we had more evidence to put her away. i truly do. and juror number 3 told abc news that prosecutors could not answer vital questions about caylee anthony death. >> how she died, if you're going to charge her with murder, you have to know how she killed someone or why, we're, when, why and how those are important questions. >> juror number six it was willing to talk only for a price his publicist says that his client is willing to be interviewed so long as the opportunities are paid. anthony is expected to make a lot of money for her story, the state of florida is asking her to compensate
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them for the enormous cost of investigating the case. the search firm that helps to look for her missing daughter says that it is considering a lawsuit to recuperate the $112,000 that it spent on the effort. she is also facing a defamation suit, this was filed by a woman this is that she's the person that anthony claimed was the nanny that kidnap her daughter cayley. a pennsylvania couple accused of blocking a little boy in his room for days at a time have had their day in court. there are both facing child endangerment charges. robert and crystal have been ordered to have no contact with the boy. the 60 fax how long he was locked in his room and he said forever. i never come out. his grandmother says that she discovered bruises and whelks on the child. a hiker from california has been killed by a grizzly bear in yellowstone park. the tourist man and his wife on a country trail may surprise a beer with her cubs.
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defending its young. it was the first fatal bear attack inside the park in 25 years. but it was the third in the yellowstone region in just over one year. a man opened fire on mourners outside of this funeral home in las vegas and wounding seven people had happened just after service for a man that had been stabbed to death. police say the gunman first mangled with other mourners before pulling out a gun and started to fire. six adults and one child were injured. police are still looking for the suspect. trout continues for the cleveland and that was accused of killing 11 women and burying them in his backyard. part of what jurors saw today was surveillance video from 2009. this shows part of his house and the prosecutors say that it shows a woman that was attacked, but survived. a possible blurred the image and they say shows the suspect tried to get her back into the house. a man
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that saw what happened called 911. the supreme court decided not to stop the state of texas from killing this man tonight he is a mexican citizen convicted of raping and killing a 16 year-old girl in 1994. he was executed by lethal injection earlier tonight. the supreme court refused to delay the execution that was despite requests from the obama administration. his lawyers claimed an international treaty was violated when a man was not told that he could contact the mexican consulate after his arrest. a lot of morgan stanley customers are not happy tonight. morgan stanley, smith barney reportedly lost to see these packed with personal information for 34,000 clients at risk, social security numbers, personal income and account intact id numbers. be information was reportedly lost in transit to a government agency. [music] >> live looks outside this
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afternoon, there is that fog rolling into the bay at this time. it has been sitting along the coastline you can see from the golden gate bridge a murky picture because the fog is starting to push back in again. a look at our satellite picture up and down the coast. pushing through the golden gate we will see fog again tomorrow morning it will be more extensive as well. dense fog for the morning hours by noon it pushes back to the coast, and we may even see it pushed back off of the coast tomorrow. sunshine all round still into the afternoon hours about the same as what we see out there today. let us take a look at what we can expect out there tomorrow morning. the fog more extensive, as against the in the 6:00 hour it is pushing into the delta, our inland valley in a little farther down the peninsula and into the north bay as well. by the 9:00 hour sitting over oakland in parts of the north bay and then back to the coast it goes. the late afternoon hours we could see some
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clearing especially for the north bay coastline. a look at temperatures up a tomorrow about the same as what we see today, 85 san rosa, 86 navato, 69 santoses go, upper 80s for the delta. antioch in fairfield both in the '90s, nearing the 90 degree mark in livermore and 80s and low 90s down in south bay. a look at the kron4 seven day around the they forecast. fog will be sticking with us through the extended period we will see it become more dense into sunday and possibly monday. cooler temperatures on tap we will be back into the mid '70s by mid-week in our inland valleys. stay with us we will be back after this break. i work at the cable company, and i get to wear a hard hat...
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i do! okay. [ female announcer ] choose the bundle that fits your life. at&t. >> take a look at this, let us get right into a portion of the roof of a soccer stadium in the netherlands collapsed today. it track construction workers under the rubble, one person is confirmed dead and 14 others were hospitalized. the
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stadium was being renovated to seat 30,000 people. the cause of the accident is not yet known. together that is also in the netherlands a reality tv show they got a little too real. this guy hit the accelerator instead of the break, he swerved and plowed into a camera crew. we will watch one more time. take a look at his eyes, you probably should not close your eyes when you are swerving. members were taken to hospital but no serious injuries were sustained. take a look at this, members of the casey anthony jury may want to avoid one restaurant in florida. in clearwater they snubbed the seven women and five men that found the 21 your old and a not guilty by posting this on the door, jurors not welcome. to give the the seventh annual toilet paper wedding dress contest. you heard it right it was held in florida, dresses are judged on duty, creativity
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and the originality. the grand prize winner was awarded $1,000 which she says will go to our wedding. she says that her dress was made with four rows of toilet paper tape and a little hot glue. >> a live look outside clear skies now over downtown san francisco but fog be returning shortly i will have the details on that coming up in just a little bit. i want to crush more cars.
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>> at 5:30 p.m. taking on foreclosure in richmond community leaders say that this is a growing problem in many sections of their city. they say the banks that own the properties are not doing enough to maintain their foreclosures. jeff bush when i made two today, he shows us how bad the problem is and what is being done to fix it. >> illegal dumping and overgrown weeds, squatters living in abandoned homes, these are all big problems in north richmond. and community organizations says enough is enough. >> someone tosses a cigarette or anything like
5:30 pm
this house of is this should go we have a lot of property that is going we have a building right next to it. we have someone's house right next to it. it could go and the middle of the night. >> t.j. lives here and says that foreclosed properties are the base responsibility in part of their responsibilities keeping the property clean up. >> banks have taken over the houses and then left them to be filled. >> she sent that it takes down the property value but the problem goes deeper than esthetics, it is a safety and health issue. rich and city leaders heard the call and said that they're working on holding the banks accountable as a long process they say they're collecting fines from the bank but the problem is still as close as many of these people homes. they have committed resources to the problem and community organizers have done their part by hosting scene of days until the economy picks up and people start buying houses again, the fight against blight will be a tough one in this part of
5:31 pm
town. >> to the latest on the budget battle in california gov. jerry brown announced a new executive order that cuts the state's vehicle fleet. a move that he says will save the state millions of dollars. he says he will eliminate 3800 vehicles that is about 78 percent of the 5500 cars that the state wants to eliminate. he says the cuts will save nearly 28 and half million $6 year and bring in about $5 million by auctioning off those vehicles. a former prison warden was at the state capitol today arguing for an end to the death penalty. the assembly public safety committee voted in favor of a new bill that will abolish capital punishment california. sb490 will reduce the costs by reducing death sentences. if it is signed into law it will go before the voters in 2012. starting tomorrow, debit cards will begin to replace unemployment checks for californians, once
5:32 pm
converted, the benefits will go to a visa granted card issued by bank of america from their the money can be withdrawn from an atm, transfer or stand. the city new cars are more secure and will help recipients engaged the economy. california expects to issue more than 1 million of the cards in the next few months. the same type of debit cards replaced disability checks earlier this year. >> terrible traffic trouble this morning if you were driving you know. people trying to get into san francisco from areas in the south were jammed for miles and hours. it started after 6:00 a.m. when a tractor- trailer was towing one of the portable building things, he was heading east down on interstate 84 heading into censuses go and a tire blew out on his trailer. it was just before 7 street. for the portable building on the trailer fell out onto the freeway blocking two lanes of traffic. kron4 was there or as caltrans and a couple big
5:33 pm
toe trucks as you can see they were slowly clearing, watch as they hit the guard rail, and you can see right there. once again, it tips over, it took almost five hours to get this mess cleared away causing backups on 80, 1 01, to the, you name it the small roles heading in from san francisco to the south, it was a mess. live in the studio i'm grant lotus with kron4 news. [music] >> a live look outside of fog pushing over the baby have the low clouds close to the coastline temperatures continue to cool this afternoon with the inland valleys barely made it into the low 90s. 90 degrees are now on antioch, concord in livermore. cooler also for the bayshores and '70s this afternoon. 74 in mountain view, 80's in the north bay and low 80's at that. temperatures are cooling several degrees. nine degrees cooler in redwood
5:34 pm
city. here is a look at what you can expect out there tonight. fog along the coast this evening will start to push into our bayshores later on tonight. dense fog expected and also along the coastline tomorrow morning. mao and warm conditions depending on where you are the temperatures will not change much into tomorrow but the cooling trend will continue into the weekend i will have details coming up in just a little bit. >> south bay water managers have the green light to add more water to the anderson reservoir. that is despite concern about the dam both are near the fault, and they show that the dam could fail in a larger earthquake in could lead to flooding. it must still undergo a seismic retrofit, but as rob fladeboe reports some residents would like to see the work completed before having any more water. >> anderson reservoir towers over hundreds of homes and ease of morgan
5:35 pm
hill. sarah and her family live here just below the of da off tom she has them worried every sense that she learned that it could fail in a major earthquake. >> it is of great concern to our family that there could possibly be an earthquake that could wipe us out. the people who live up around the edge of the da philm that their house values will go down if they denied the water levels back up, but down here in the valley floor, everyone down here should be concerned if it does. if there is an earthquake in anything happens to the dam we will be flooded. >> in a worst-case scenario, the dam that i am standing here right now could slump as much as 25 ft. so they have been keeping the water in the reservoir a little below half full but now they say in a wet and rainy year, the could easily raise it without putting any more do
5:36 pm
pressure on the dam. >> the operating restrictions to be about 45 people at the top of the dam that is where we requested a revised restriction and we got approval to do that. >> the study concludes that it must be retrofitted to meet the seismic standards that could take several years. until then she does not fill the one single drop should be added. >> it makes me worry didn't want to put more pressure on an already compromised dam. >> checking traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza at the left side of your screen you can see the back up is headed into san francisco. the paydays are backed up, but the fastrak lanes in car pool lanes are moving well. eastbound traffic no problems, looking at san francisco now it is 80 and all backed up and pretty slow south bound 1 01 for the peninsula we will be right back.
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>> in each of people are furious, this has led to a lot of angry confrontation, the police officers are accused of killing protesters back in the january revolution. 1 woman says for example, the police killed her son for getting water to protesters. yemen president made an appearance on state tv this was the scene, he has not been seen in public since being wounded in an explosion at the presidential palace last month. he is bending tree men in saudi arabia. he conceded his face is singed, and he has been getting treatment for burns. a man carrying a machete march into a kindergarten in malaysia, he held them hostage for six hours before the police shot him in the head. the children and the teacher are ok, the man is believed to have mental
5:41 pm
problems and is in critical condition tonight. could duke and duchess of cambridge are having a fairly quiet night as a wrap up their visit to canada this was the scene as they visited central alberta yesterday. they arrive in los angeles tomorrow with the word, tonight there will be staying at de posh residence of the british consulate general. there will be there three and five days and fly home sunday. they're disappointed that people cannot get close to them. stay with us, more news after the break.
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>> and arrests in the theft of a rare picasso sketch stolen from a san francisco art gallery, this is the man accused of stealing the our work, his name is mark lugo a resident of new jersey interested in a home in napa, this is the art work that he was accused of stealing. the picasso 1965 pencil on paper drawing. it
5:45 pm
is estimated to be worth about a quarter of a million dollars joining me now to talk all this, the owner of the gallery. rowland einstein thanks for being with us, you are a happy man tonight. >> happy and very relieved. >> the police i honestly didn't such an extraordinary job they were on this from the many that we first call them and they kept us abreast through the whole thing i am happy and relieved and i am just really so thankful at the job that the police did. >> still trying to catch your breath with all of this. there was some speculation that maybe this was an international our ring, or an amateur but what were your worst fears? >> my worst fear, especially when the photographs came out of him holding the peace that he had disposed of it and rolled in a way and that was really my biggest fear because it is a piece of art history and it is in my care for a little while but it
5:46 pm
should last a lot longer than me. that was actually my biggest worry that the peace may not survive. >> you have a popular gallery in union square you have some remarkable pieces and many of them are worth a great deal of money. what were you thinking people were like why wasn't it bolted to the wall? there were many questions afterwards and hind ciba why wasn't there more security? >> that is a good question and we're reviewing our security to make sure that something like this never happens again. our philosophy is that you do not find our work like this and calories, usually it is locked upstairs were only the privileged few get to see it in my mission has been to take the great art work and put it down on the street where it is not just for the privilege but anyone the walks through. >> you have that museum feeling and principal. >> to some degree we want to be like a free museum for the city of san francisco. but everyone is welcome, and
5:47 pm
anyone can walk in and be really want to be able to maintain that feeling that the work is completely and totally accessible to the public. >> police still have the peace right now it will be returned to you soon. >> i saw at the police station earlier today and they told me they would like to keep it for one week until they do everything they have to do and hopefully we will give it back. >> ap is this popular it would be hard to sell, what would be a motive? >> it is really interesting because it is so well known that it would've been really impossible to sell it to anybody that was either going to resell it or even want to show it. at actually do not know what the motive was and is he just wants to have his own personal collection that he never showed, but that he just wanted to have. it is kind of hard to grasp for the motive. >> now you will be making security changes do you think that will harm your philosophy of keeping the are available and accessible to people?
5:48 pm
>> that is our goal and that is what we will work on to do everything we can list all said of the are video systems, attaching peace to the wall better of the one thing we do not want to do is change our philosophy. are very purpose for being there is to make the artwork available to the public and that is something we never want to change. >> certainly the public does appreciate that thanks for being with us today congratulations on getting your work back. >> thank you so much. [music] >> a live look outside, continuing to monitor the fog rolling in a more extensive fog expected overnight usually that cools the temperatures down a few degrees but tomorrow is expected to be the same as what we saw today. the giants game out there this weekend, 715 against the san diego padres, the fog pushing in a little later in the game. temperatures on the whole side so if you're headed out to the ballpark i would bring a jacket because it will be a little bit cooler later once the game
5:49 pm
wrapped up. as for the fog more extensive tomorrow morning. pushing into the delta, fairfield and napa. this is the 6:00 p.m. hour. later in the morning, sitting over oakland and san for cisco, the peninsula and back to the coastline by noon. we should see some clearing tomorrow afternoon possibly near ocean beach. all right, so temperatures about the same as what you're seeing out there today, temperatures in the 80's and 70's down towards the valleys a little cooler there. along the coastline upper 50s, 69 1/7 to 082 in redwood city. we will see temperatures very similar in the '70s will we see today, 79 in fremont, 74 in richmond temperatures in the inland valleys and 91 in antioch, 90 in pleasanton, 89 in concord and also a little warmer in the south bay with temperatures reaching the 80's and low 90s in morgan hill. 85 and
5:50 pm
los gatos and 85 in san jose. it lifted the around the day forecast, temperatures about the same tomorrow but cooler as we head into the weekend especially into next week. >> time to look at stocks, we were talking about how we have had to eat up days? the highest levels of the year today the dow is up to 93 the nasdaq is up 38 or 39. >> not the highest levels but close. >> now we want to talk about some of the winners and losers and the winter, u.s. employment in retailers. >> we sorrow or come out this said there would be more jobs than expected, we lost fewer jobs than expected tomorrow when the unemployment report and that will be a big one. i posted some tools at i and logging--blogging and posted a lot about that as
5:51 pm
well. now this is one of those things that never makes sense. we pay for corn to go on the ethanol, the corn states love this it makes the full cost of higher when the cereal, or drink soda with horns -- with corn syrup. now there is a 545 tax credit for ethanol that is important because it will save the u.s. about $1.3 billion in subsidies, some of the money will go back into alternative fuels. i think it is a win-win situation and i love what i am scene out of congress. >> the next and i can tell that you like, madman, it is really something for cable tv. >> there is a publicly traded stock call a emcees fun of cablevision the hottest cable channel there is they have the walking dead, man man--mad men they have the kelly and a great show about high school, some
5:52 pm
show about selling meth, they will be acquired by one of the big companies in the next couple of months. >> do we know that? >> that is me being speculative. but nbc and abc will both love it is a cable company and that means they get a piece of everyone's cable will plus the advertising. >> so they're not necessarily and happy. i've got it. now a loser is fisher investments. this is a sad story. >> i have to be careful this man is a billionaire and can crush screen. half his firm lost a case to a woman who called to get a free book when his firm aggressively marketed after her she lost three and and $76,000 she was in a bond portfolio so she won her case basically she said i was in bonds, what did they put me in stock? i bring this up because it is public news and you have to be careful because there are a lot of salespeople not
5:53 pm
kingfisher, he is a genius to one of the cells people guys to get an aggressive the woman complainant said she said not be in stocks, she wanted to be in bonds she won the arbitration the first arbitration case that they've lost in years. member really quick morgan stanley losing information for clients that is not good. stay with us, more news is coming up after the break. ♪
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[ male announcer ] and at&t customers prefer u-verse tv picture quality over comcast. even upgrade to over 160 hd channels. that's more than comcast can offer. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. >> we are giving away about 10 of these new the book touchscreen readers. let us take the first video for use of you can check out some of the features medical device has come a 6 in. touch screen in a display, it is smaller and lighter than the amazon candle that still has a physical keyboard. as 1 gb of internal space that can hold about 1000 e books or more because it has a micro slot for more storage. let us take the next video you're wondering how you enter? go to the facebook fan page, into the left-hand side and click this e-reader
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sweepstakes. the less video would take to this case that is very important to win a new key reader, you have to like kron4 on facebook as of close to the kron4 facebook fan page click like an intern now. and >> and here in navato, the wife and daughter of the survivor gary hansen spoke exclusively kron4 news about his ordeal in the fishing incident. the city tells the harrowing tale of surviving for 15 hours in the open ocean. at one point they said that he was holding onto a cooler such as this one in order to stay alive. this is a picture of him right here where the arrow is pointing this as he was being rescued. his daughter says that he suffered serious of sunburned all over his body and has sores under his arms from holding on to that cooler to stay afloat in the treacherous ocean. she says that her dad has experienced a great deal as a former chp officer as
5:58 pm
well as a member of the coast guard. but when called to tell her he was alive she said that she hardly even recognize his voice. coming up on kron4 news at 6:00 p.m. hear more about his ordeal at sea. i want to crush more cars. ♪ i want to sell more tea cups. ♪ i need help selling bread. ♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package --
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>> a suspect stopped by police accuse of stilling a picasso kron4 discovers how it was found and we have reaction from the gallery. a bart train operator, flipping through the pages of a periodical while behind the controls of a fast-moving train. missing in mexico, kron4 is the only local station on board the coast guard flight trying to find seven men that are still lost at sea days after the fishing boat capsized. we will take a behind-the- scenes of the search and we have an exclusive interview with a survivor from the ship.
6:01 pm
>> final issue, international paper going out of print how iphone scandal led to the paper's owner making the call to close up shop. why nasa may have to put a historic launch on hold. [music] and >> this man has been arrested for stealing a sketch by pop low picasso. police say that the critical clue in the case was his picture captured by a nearby surveillance camera, we have exclusive coverage on this story. we have reaction from the gallery where this was hill and we break down how the police say they were managing to find a suspect. we start with grant lotus who explains how this heists happen. >> this was our crime happened around 11:40 a.m. on tuesday morning in broad daylight. it was right in the middle of a the bustling the union square in san francisco. that is when the police say the suspect just rolled in, he did not even
6:02 pm
seem to care. he strolled into the gallery right here on geary street. then he snatched the picasso of the wall and then walked out. we have surveillance and images, there is one of them of the man, the image was taken at a restaurant, he appears to be headed west on geary street even though the police say he got into a cap outside of the hotel right there. this is where the gallery is, there is the cap and the hotel. what he must have done is headed down here on geary street and then doubled back and that is when the image was taken. police say they do not know why it appears to capture him walking in the opposite direction either way, the police say that they have their man releasing this mug shot just today, which is quite a different side of the suspect then this image that we found on a blog >> he appears to be raising his wineglass enjoying the
6:03 pm
good life. we continue our team coverage and we talk with the police ought to take a look in the eventful past few days of this chauffeur. >> you are looking at a quarter million dollars worth of rare are working gently packed away along with the shoes, some clothing and a pair of sunglasses all to be used as evidence against this man that you see here. 31 year old market lugo who was arrested for the theft. the pd investigators say that his three day journey began back on monday july 4th when he took a plane from where he lives in new jersey and landed here in san francisco and from there he checked into a hotel which is just a few blocks away from the art gallery where the very next day just before noon, lugo allegedly stills the picasso drawing and then escaped by way of cabot. in santo says
6:04 pm
not before his image was recorded on the surveillance video that turned out to be key in tracking him down the day after it was stolen. >> it helped us to identify the individual and the cab driver also helped us to locate where mr. lugo was staying. >> investigators at the hall of justice say information that they gathered drop the course of the investigation led to a home in napa valley, it was there when they found mr. lugo staying with friends and he was taken into custody however his friends were left behind, the census is the police say that it does not appear that they had anything to do with the picasso art theft. in fact, investigators say that at this time it appears that mr. lugo acted alone. at the census is the hall of justice i am hazzig manyud with kron4 news. >> maureen kelly spoke with the gallery owner that says he was overcome with emotion after seeing his stolen artwork now safe in police custody.
6:05 pm
>> i broke into tears when i got into the central station it was amazing for me to actually see her again. i guess a which is really an amazing sense of relief that the peace had not been destroyed. that it was safe and it was going to be coming back. the police speculate that he did have a buyer for the ps waiting for it. it is kind of hard to imagine because i cannot imagine you could never sell the piece again, you could never show it publicly so i'm not sure why the buyer would want it. i know was packed up in a fedex block pretty well protected asked and i think it was labelled so they do not know where was going to but it was packed up and ready to be shipped out this morning so i think it was really close. if they did not give him today i do not think they would've gotten him or the peace. if we will increase our security and have video surveillance and have more people watching the door. it should not have come off a wall when he took it off of the wall. we are not quite sure why it did but we will work on our security to make sure that pieces like this are not easily taken off the wall. clearly is a wake-up
6:06 pm
call for us to do an even better job of security than we have done. >> the gallery owner expects to the drawing back from police and about one week. it bart train operator is caught on camera, this is the video the driver appears to be reading a newspaper, or a magazine while controlling the fast-moving train. this is the area that we are trying to focus on, kron4 aubrey aquino gives us a closer look at the video. >> a new video up loaded on thursday, the could see that a bart train operated that appear to be reading a newspaper or magazine while in the cab there is a clear in this video so it appears that the train is moving in the opposite direction the since barred only uses one operator in the train in the direction that it is going is moving forward in you can see him flipping through the pages of this publication. it bart spokesperson says a general--general a train operators and not reading
6:07 pm
anything except sign age and safety is a top priority at bart. if you are a writer of bart, tell us how you feel by visiting our facebook page and leaving your comments and there. consensuses climb aubrey aquino with kron4 news. >> two men arrested for a fatal stabbing, officials say that the stabbing happened during a fight involving five or six men. the two suspects are expected to be arraigned tomorrow. census police looking for two men robbed a woman at gunpoint. it happened when a 28 year-old victim was in the burn in heights neighborhood she was not hurt, they're acting anyone with any information to give them a call. to transit workers pleaded not guilty to charges that they stole more than $40,000 a caltrain ticket machines. the city is so the money on 12 separate occasions from broken ticket machines that they brought in to repair. also said they so now says
6:08 pm
that he was a lawyer. the 77 year old is charged with killing four women that had matching first and last initials. he is asking for a court-appointed attorney to help him defend his self is acting as it on attorney since may saying that he knows the case better than anyone else the knife he told the judge that being in prison is making it difficult to conduct research and he says that the publicity has cleared away attorney's that could help them. in fairfield, the police have arrested five people in connection with the robbery and murder. last month, a 70 year-old store owner was a salted and pepper spray while the assailants ransacked his store, the man had a heart attack and died later at the hospital. four of the five suspects are juvenile. the police say that community participation paid a big role in helping them to solve the crimes. [music] >> fog continues to cling to the coast this evening and pushing in through san
6:09 pm
francisco through the golden gate gap. we will see more as we head into tomorrow morning. 59 in half moon bay, 61 in san francisco cooler in the bayshores and cooler in the inland valleys. we barely made it into the night is out there today 10 degrees cooler down in redwood city. seven degrees cooler and hayward in livermore as we head into tomorrow the cooling trend will hold off for just one day but the weekend we will still see cooling all the way into next week. a look at tonight into tomorrow, coastal fog expected this evening starting to push into the bayshore a little later tonight. we have some dense fog not just on the coastline but in the bayshores. and it looks like we will see some peak out along the coastline, but that cooling trend will resume into the weekend i will have details on that a little bit we will be right back after this.
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6:13 pm
>> employees at britain's biggest most widely known tabloid learned that the media out on the streets. the news of the world is shutting down after 160 years this follows revelation that the newspaper allegedly is hacked into cellphone belonged to murder victims people killed by terrorists and even relatives of british shoulders that were killed in afghanistan. >> this was completely unexpected. >> the front page news on the world web site today was the death of the new of the world. james and martha some of the owner says that the world's most widely read english-language newspaper had broken the trust of its readers. >> clearly certain activities did not live up to their standards, that is a matter of great regret. stalling yard is investigating whether the paper hacked into but as many as 4000 cellphone among them, prince harry, the actor hugh grant and just this week new charges that they may have included
6:14 pm
families that lost residents in the 2005 transit bombings. the family of a murdered british teenager as well. >> this was completely horrified i thought this was all ugly, they lost a daughter we cannot forget that. >> the scandal has brought new scrutiny to the owner rupert murdoch his message news international conglomerate include the fox tv network the hollywood studio twentieth century fox, the wall street journal and the new york post, a book publisher harper collins and the streaming service hulu. the last addition of the news of the world is this sunday but the scandal is ongoing in least one former editor is facing possible arrest. stay with us, more news coming up after the break. i want to crush more cars.
6:15 pm
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>> to the latest in the search for seven missing bay
6:18 pm
area fishermen, we begin our team coverage with how the rescue efforts have been expanded. >> it has been more than 110 hours since the boat sank in mexico the sea of cortez. local officials in northern california helped to convince the the mexican navy to extend the search beyond the standard 96 hours. the search area has also extended each day this week as currents and tides are heading in the '70s and easterly direction. the boat capsized on sunday right around there. our kron4 cameras had exclusive access inside of the u.s. coast guard c-130 hercules during the search for the seven missing men today in the sea of cortez and the sacramento base c-130 is the coast guard primary long- range search and rescue aircraft the crew members search for more than five hours today but were not able to spot the american tourist. we had a reporter aboard the search plane and
6:19 pm
she explained what they did fine. >> we did find a lot of debris today in the water, we found a life raft with the line attached to it. when we circled back, we dropped a scope on that so that we could come back and find it. we try to identify it the best we can, we circled on it a few times and it appeared to us to the raft but we cannot be 100 percent sure. so the nearest shift we had was the mexican navy and we had them checked it out once they a pulled aboard the let us know exactly what it was. we can be pretty sure but we are never 100 percent sure at about 500 ft. above the water we are looking at. the figured that what is--that is what it was and that is when they verified what it was. >> we spoke with the family about how their experience
6:20 pm
patty ann reilly hansen said that they're still dealing with the shock of all of this. hanson is a former chp officer and a member of the coast guard despite his professional experience of they say they he is never gone through something like this before. listen as they explain his story in this story will only see on kron4 news. >> he said was rolling and then went straight up in the ear and then sank like the titanic and with straight down. he said by the time he woke up and the time he got to the water he said 45 seconds had gone by and that is how fast the boat sank. he said it was like when he jumped off the boat he jumped into this calm water, it was crazy and everything was pitch black and they could just hear voices. then some other guys grabbed on to this cooler and they like fog through the storm for when they broke, he said that he could see the shore and then he started to swim to shore, and he said the coolers were setting them back so they ditched the coolers, and make all separated due to the current
6:21 pm
and so when he just kept on swimming and he said i could not do it anymore he said he just sat there and floated out there by himself for like nine hours. all he had on was like his boxers, he did not have any clothing to block him from the sun. it was really an eerie feeling, indescribable. >> he is probably seen it all and i don't think this is something that he expected because before he left we watch the perfect storm, remember, and i said can you imagine being is an like that? he says that is nothing had been in the coast guard. and then he has almost like a similar experience, who would of thought? >> i did not even notice, on the phone i was still in shock. >> you will cry i am so excited, i wish everyone was coming home at the same time. i feel guilty being excited. my heart goes out to the other families. by think positively. >> in addition to being a
6:22 pm
former chp officer and a member of the coast guard, his family said that he is a seasoned fisherman going out with another friend on the trip sometimes three times per week, his friend is still missing. [music] >> and live look outside from the golden gate bridge, now it is covered and fog you cannot even see the towers as the fog continues to roll into the bayshores. we will see more extensive fog into tomorrow morning. here's a look at the fog tracker. through the north bay and down the peninsula, it will be more extensive than what we saw today, the not o'clock hour it is still hovering over oakland and then back look--to the coastline. tomorrow afternoon and we may see some son derrick threw down the san mateo coastline. temperatures tomorrow
6:23 pm
morning mainly in the '50s with we have a couple of '60s out there in the south bay. temperatures in the 80's in fairfield in livermore and san jose, but still a little cool closer to the coastline. 64 in san francisco, 68 oakland. ted bridges warming to the '70s and '80s for the most part. we was the '60s close to the coastline. here's a look of the temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. 695 for fiscal, 89 concord. upper 80s and low 90s will will have a couple low 90s out there tomorrow. morgan hill my degrees there is '70s for the bayshores and 80s down in the south bay. a look at the kron47 they're around the forecast. temperatures similar to what we saw today but as we head through the rest of the weekend we will continue to see a cooling trend and even into next week. wednesday and thursday to richard in the mid '70s for the inland valleys. we should keep the cooling trend all the way through next week as well. >> and national news,
6:24 pm
lightning they think tonight might have hit really close to the shuttle atlantis. you are looking live at this side. the big launch is small but nasa has been out here checking the equipment. this is after a report that lightning hit about one- third of a mile away, maybe even closer. the nasa officials do not think that anything was affected the they're checking just in case. the final shuttle flight again was scheduled for tomorrow morning but the weather as you did see is not looking great and that could force a delay. in an effort to boost sales, gm is offering some customers one year worth of met life car insurance for free. is part of a new experiment happening in only two states, oregon and washington. it will apply to all the new buick, cadillac, chevrolet, gmc. after one year they can renew the policy with met life, or go elsewhere. the offer expires on september 6th. scientists have made a big breakthrough in efforts to recycle plastic in 2009, only 7% of
6:25 pm
plastic was recycled. now scientists have found a method that will make it possible to easily recycle 100 percent of it. it involves heating the plastic, breaking it down into its basic elements of the experiments were done a british university more news coming up after the break.
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6:28 pm
>> casey anthony the mother found not guilty of murdering her two year-old daughter continue to be a hot topic. today the viewers were talking about what she should do when she is released from jail. check out the comet of the day from adam who says whether she murdered her daughter or not she is not a threat to society. it is not like she will go around and slate other people's children she is only a threat to her own children. i wasn't just issued a hysterectomy and move to some place quiet. you want to know if you agree or disagree with this, it. visit our kron4 facebook fan page to leave your thoughts, the news at 6:30 p.m. coming up next.
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6:31 pm
>> sfpd announced the arrest of the picasso car theft suspect. this is a picture of him right here, his name is mark lugo a 31 year-old resident of a boat in new jersey. san francisco police say that surveillance video release from a restaurant near the art gallery was the key piece of evidence that led them to making mr. lugo rest. his bail has been set at $5 million. at the hall of justice in san francisco hazzig manyud with kron4 news. >> continuing our coverage the owner of the gallery where the picasso was stolen says that he is relieved that the police have recovered the valuable drawing he says it is been losing sleep he expected the picasso back in about one week by that time he expect to have increases security by installing surveillance
6:32 pm
cameras. he wants to continue to have these valuable works of art available to be viewed by the public because this theft a wake-up call. robert >> and another big story the search continues for the seven missing bay area man whose boat capsized on sunday, it has been more than 110 hours since the boat sank in the sea of cortes, local officials in northern california helped to convince the mexican navy to extend the search beyond the standard 96 hours. the search area has expanded eat day this week as the tides and different currents are bringing degrees south and east of where a sudden storm caused the book to sank. i am grant lotus with kron4 news. >> to continue our coverage in a bottle, though wife and daughter of gary hansen spoke exclusively with kron4 news about his ordeal and the fishing inside. they say that he tells a hero in a tale of being launched and lost at sea for 15 hours. at
6:33 pm
one point he clutched alive by holding on to make cooler such as this one and then he tried to swim to shore but he was too weak and it was too far he was later rescued by a helicopter. they say that he is a former chp officer and a member of the coast guard but has never gone through something like this before. >> in san for its fiscal we now know the identity of a man that was killed in last sunday's officer involved in shooting at the bart and civic center station. the coroner's office has identified him as a 35 year old mark hill with no known address. they're still interviewing the witnesses who saw the situation as he they quickly. they say when the interviews are completed plan to release the surveillance video of the platform with a shooting happen unless the the attorney's office objects.
6:34 pm
cabane amount in richmond and community organizers have had enough and wanted to do something about the properties in north american is a growing problem that was spurred on by housing foreclosures. the alliance for community empowerment gave a tour of some of the worst offenders and many of the properties are based on, they say that banks need to do a better job of keeping foreclosed properties free from hazards in unsafe conditions. >> in morgan hill water managers have been given the green light to add more water to the anderson reservoir despite the concerns that the dam could fail in a large earthquake. it could slump as much as 25 ft. in a large earthquake but that is still well below the water level that has been kept a little bit more than half full at recent times but now the minister say in a rainy and wet winter, it could at is more as 12 ft. without adding to the risk. in morgan hill rob fladeboe with kron4 news. >> and tech news the day,
6:35 pm
verizon officially ends its data plans for the new smart phone customers that means all carriers except sprint now only offer the tiered data plan. it is easy to go over your allowed amount and get charge the extra fees. some be sure to tune into kron4 tonight at 8:00 p.m. i will show you the applications and smart phones that use the most they death and some tips so that you do not have to go over and pay extra. >> our big weather story tonight is the fog as you can see from the start of the golden gate bridge a very dense fog pushing in at this hour. a look at our current conditions, to the team's closer to the coastline are a lot cooler. 92 and antioch right now, 67 oakland, 77 down in san jose. the fog will be more extensive overnight. we will see more cooling in the bay area tomorrow, and to the 6:00 hour tomorrow the fog is pushing into the delta
6:36 pm
and further down into the bayshore in the north bay. clearing back to open in the peninsula. the 9:00 hour and back to the coastline. in the later morning or early afternoon we should see clearing and possibly longer the san mateo coastline in the later afternoon hours. temperatures will look like this, 695 a cisco 89 concord, 92 fairfield, '70s for the most part. 80's and low 90s down in the south bay. temperatures cooler at and a cooling trend will resume into the weekend and next week. temperatures back into the '70's in the inland valleys, even the mid-70s by wednesday and thursday. >> now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> you are looking at a muni worker preparing to begin his shift are in his window, a disabled placard. he is so busy getting ready for work that he barely notices me video taping until i asked him a quick
6:37 pm
question. >> how are you doing today? >> how are you? >> i am good. i see that many of the cars have the placards on the street is that normal? >> i bet you want to hear his answer, tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. and hear it all in the next edition of it's really delicious, mom.
6:38 pm
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>> harry potter mania is in the air. there's a lot of excitement about the premier of the eighth and final movie in a record-breaking franchise it is called harry potter many have been out in the rain others just want to catch a glimpse of the harry potter star. she is known as the champion of gay, lesbian and bisexual transition their rights, but lady gaga is says that she is not is using the gay community and a magazine called the advocate, the
6:41 pm
superstar says that suggestions that she is trying to profit off of at the gate fans is ridiculous. kidnap victim elizabeth smart has a new job she was taken from her salt lake city bid room and held captive for a year, she will be a commentator for abc news focusing on missing persons and child objection cases she will be able to give viewers a unique perspective. and after time not to act more than two months ago, prince william and his new bride will a arrive in california for a three day trip to the los angeles area of their scheduled to visit an inner city arts project and attend a charity gala what they will meet the hollywood heavyweight such as tom hanks and nicole kidman. >> one recent college graduate is using a novel approach to pound the pavement in search of work she wants to work and public relations the says this is had no luck applying for
6:42 pm
jobs online so yesterday she put on a sign that read hire me as you walk around the area and boston. apparently this type of self-promotion work she says she got a couple of job leads and we wish her luck. derrick dieter closes in on hit no. 3000 gary has an update on that straight ahead. a san francisco native and nfl defensive back and donald strickland joins gary live he grew up at kron when his dad worked here, they're both in the studio and they will talk football coming up next.
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>> hall of fame manager williams led the oakland a's to two world championships passed away at his home in henderson nevada at the age of 82. your williams played 13 years in
6:46 pm
the majors for the dodgers, the orioles, the indians, the red sox and retired after the 1964 season. what he made his name as a baseball manager and as we said he led the oakland a's to their first ever bay area championship. williams passes at the age of 78--82. now look to the crowd today, part of the junior giants program visiting with kids from the santa schoolboys and girls club. for he spoke, answers some questions and has given out roughly 1000 loves and tickets. he was asked, the one kid's question that stood out and it was... >> the way the kids ask me he said it what you have a big beard? i did not know how to ensure that. a said just because it grew. >> giants and wilson in a
6:47 pm
few minutes host san diego tomorrow night, as we speak the a's are down for nothing. it didn't cheater is to kids away from a 3000. he will more than likely do it here at home. everyone is ready to go it came in the first inning tonight against tampa bay, he is one for four, the yankees are losing five to one in the a's, said that is what is funny when you achieve an individual number like barry jr. no one cares or when, but derrick g. there is a couple wins away from 3000. it is hard to imagine all the great yankees, dave ruth, dimaggio, none of them have ever had 3000 hits. a daring leader will become the first period that terry collins has retired at 38 years of age. 40,000 yds, 26 touchdowns and played a couple of years with the
6:48 pm
raiders to but during that era, if you played for the raiders, your 7 and 21. leon around a long time to the new york giants to a suitable, not a win, but i've been there and then he said that is enough. i have so much in the bank at and i have to take any lip from anybody the rest of my life. now santa rosa levi crash to. here we go, it was against the guard rail falling down early that a drop to to 31st overall on the last round of the one for jan 35 mi. stage. --of the 35th mouth. now a minute and 23 back. you cannot escape cellphone is at the swedish open. [laughter]
6:49 pm
>> weil, i've never seen that before. >> it is played, you go to a football game and a basketball game people are screaming, and then a cellphone goes off in the tennis match and all hell breaks loose. their ideas, caroline went on to beat c ornay and her cellphone. now when we return he grew up known as the son of a famous cameraman at kron. the first cameraman that i ever worked here at kron4. i will even tell the story is donald jr. runs out of steam i will talk about myself with his dad ok but now he is known as donald strickland jr. old man. the san diego charger donald strickland one time 49er waiting for the lockout in. those are good looking uniforms. donald jr. joins us and will bring data on for a memory of when he
6:50 pm
first laid eyes on him more, that is coming up if it's really delicious,ou minute mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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>> this is a great story you grow up in your dream is to be a pro football player you go to the games with your dad, one of the best photographers and the business and then the dream comes true. this is donald strickland jr.. he had a great start at colorado in the collegiate ranks, played a little with the jets and now, wearing the best uniform in football the chargers? >> it is pretty nice. >> you look in the mirror and say that looked good. >> it does. >> months now the best team where you go i really feel like a crow, this is number one which is it? >> it is not too far away from home but far enough, the weather is beautiful down there you cannot be it. it is a great atmosphere. >> you play for the jets
6:54 pm
to? >> i did, and they really treat you like royalty down there. >> you also played for the colts as well? >> that is where i first started under coach of dundee. --coach who'lldungy. i have been around the block for a little bit. >> with the jets, a lot of people saw the hbo show, like the documentary in the fall them around, but as rex ryan coaching then? >> that was his second year i was not there, i was with the chargers a that was after i left, it was hard knocks. >> but your was a little different in terms of pressure, you always hear that. >> and i felt the most pressure performing with the 49ers because you are performing with your peers and you always want to do well, and the end of in the home town is definitely
6:55 pm
tough. foot when i go way i felt a little more comfortable. >> the lockout people say you know these guys will get going again, the making of money but do you ever in the middle of the night kind of flinched as they would if i missed one year? >> not at all because i graduated with my degree, i played eight years in the game, i knew something would eventually get done. >> i love your father, now what you gonna do with a degree that matches your nfl salary? [laughter] >> true, but it allowed me to dive into a lot of other endeavors i have my business coming out in memorabilia display and i'm actually getting my foundation off the ground. >> you have a charity begin deal coming up? >> yes the first annual celebrity weekend we have a meeting great toman night at the press club was a great wine bar. saturday we have a golf tournament at harding
6:56 pm
park, and then it will be followed by a yacht party. >> a yacht party, the deal. as >> i am trying to do a little bit, i am trying to do something different. >> go to our web site and that will give you all the information i want to bring in your dad, that is critical. you had here when you work here, what happened? car [laughter] clark >> you have been friends for too long. but tell me a quick story was that your dad's dream for you to play pro ball? >> it was not his dream it was my dream they always gave me confidence to go after it. >> we have a quick shot of your dad filming you an arm of your dad would be so proud to come back and there he goes. look, no, we have to catch him, he is on kron 10 years later. i have to say quickly your father when i first started everyone said this white man is crazy and her father said no, this guy is going to be all right.
6:57 pm
>> and looking live. >> look you still working with a bad back, hey i love your dad. >> i love you back. >> i see john, now wear a hat. [laughter] from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package -- just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better.
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riot gear and gas masks outside of the orange county courthouse in florida. >> as the court decides, casey anthony will soon walk free. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> casey's courthouse makeover. >> "the insider" is on. >> she let her hair down, a woman who looks happy, like she's ready to get back to life as she knew it. >> now she's sophia loren. >> casey anthony denied freedom today as the first juror breaks her silence. >> not guilty doesn't mean innocent. >> do you think juror number 3's views consistent with the other jurors.

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